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Authentic Indian Curry Paste Mild 180g

  • This is a super versatile, and super concentrated easy to use award winning Curry Paste comes in three heat levels: 'Mild' (perfect for children or those with no heat tolerance), 'Medium' (a great balance of heat and flavour) and 'Hot' (for those who love chilli). Packed with flavour, one jar makes up to 1.2kg of meat or vegetables. Winner of the Silver Medal in the NZ Outstanding Food Producers Awards 2021.

    Free from artificial colours, preservatives, msg, palm and soy oil, sugar, water and Keto Friendly, and plant based. We have cooked this paste out so that you don't need too spend all of that time frying out the spices. In fact, you can just go ahead and eat it straight out of the jar! With multiple uses, you can make not only your favourite curries with it but also so many other dishes. As an approx. measurement of how much to use, we recommend 1 tablespoon to 200gms of meat, vegetables or lentils/ beans. Check out our videos for all of the meals you can make with this one jar.

    Each jar makes up to 4 curries for a family of four!

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