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garam masala powder


Garam Masala & Chai Masala Combo Deal


    Made using our family secret recipe with a unique blend of aromatic spices. This aromatic and versatile garam masala will easily last you a year if kept in a air-tight glass bottle because you will only ever need a pinch to elevate your dishes to a whole new high.



    A unique blend of aromatic spices will take you to India when you add it to your tea, coffee or even hot milk. If you want to learn how to make Indian tea, or Masala Coffee then we have a video on our Facebook page showing you step by step. We also use this aromatic spice blend in our desserts such as gajjar ka halwa (carrot halwa), kheer (rice pudding), banana fritters, and muesli bites. Is amazing in your morning porridge too. This spice blend is more than just a chai masala. Even works with green tea. All you need is a quarter teaspoon per cup. Or be more adventurous and add a tiny amount to your porridge, banana bread or rice pudding.

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