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Vegan Indian Recipes E-Book

Our Vegan Indian E-Book contains a full feast of our favourite recipes that you can make using our delicious curry pastes, spice blends and pakora pre-mix , allowing you to impress your family and friends.


This book contains some of my favourite vegan recipes made by my mum - from Jackfruit Vindaloo to Vegan Palak Paneer, you will find some delicious meals here that will surprise and delight your family and friends regardless of whether they are vegan or not. It is an ideal accompaniment to purchase alongside our products.


Each book contains: 5 starters, 10 curries, 2 customer recipes, 2 desserts, 5 drinks, 6 sides (including phulka roti, naan and jeera rice) alongside some of favourite and surprising combinations and tips and hints!

Vegan Indian Recipes E-Book


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